KAR's Coffee. Who ever said that good coffee had to be expensive? At KAR's, we aim to provide our friends and neighbors with the highest quality coffee beans at a reasonable price. 

We're a family owned and operated coffee roaster located in our hometown of Stillwater, NJ ... at the old Robbins General Store in Middleville. 

What makes KAR's coffee better? Like anything else in the food and beverage industry, good taste is a result of the quality of ingredients and how those ingredients are prepared. Similarly, a good cup of coffee comes from the quality of the green coffee bean (the raw crop) and how that green coffee bean is roasted (how it's cooked).

When it comes to KAR's Coffee, we source some of the highest quality raw coffee beans from around the world, and have refined our coffee roasting techniques over thousands of roasting hours.

So when you have a cup of KAR's Coffee, you'll taste the difference.