Our Story


KAR's Coffee Company is a member of the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association Of America) & Roasters guild, we have attended multiple roasting classes from Diedrich, AMBEX & Probat, we also continue to attend classes/seminars like "Brewing technology” and Barista classes. We're always trying to learn something new and we're always studying and perfecting our skills.

We believe roasting coffee is an art and takes both, some technical skill and artistic intuition. Time, temperature, airflow and machinery are some technical aspects but roasting and blending for the perfect cup comes from years of understanding the perfect color, aroma, and sounds of the bean as it’s roasting. A few seconds could make the difference between perfection and charcoal.

KAR's Coffee sources only the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans available. We focus on small-batch roasting and blending for the ultimate in cup taste. Our new machine (our pride and joy) is a Diedrich 5 Kilo IR roaster. It has been noted by many professionals in the coffee industry as “top of the line” and it is one of most efficient roasters on the market today. Best of all it’s built in the good old USA!

Our goal at KAR's Coffee is simple and that's to provide our customers & local businesses with the best cup of coffee possible! We love coffee and look forward to sharing our knowledge and our beans with you!


Starting up KAR’s Coffee Co. is my personal dream coming true. My name is Kyle Alexander Ruetsch and coffee is my passion. I've been told I have coffee in my blood and perhaps it’s true. My great-grandfather, Herbert Ruetsch owned and operated Gold Medal Vending back in the 1920’s and it turns out coffee and coffee roasting was his favorite part of the business. I like to think I’m merely picking up where he left off almost a century ago. I’ve been learning about coffee and roasting from some of the most talented master roasters and coffee connoisseurs in the world since I was 9 years old. By 13, I was roasting coffee unassisted on a Probat 12 Kilo machine and by 15 I was doing complicated specialty roasting including custom Kosher for Passover roasts. I love roasting coffee and always will. I love everything about a good fresh cup of coffee and I think everyone should have access to one. That's why I've made it my mission to make great coffee available everywhere I can. 

In The News

Coffee connoisseur and dad launch general store 
Dec. 26, 2016, New Jersey Herald